It's History

The Siberian one is a large cat also known under the name of, Sibirska Koschka, U still Sibi, and Siberian Cat.

The Siberian Cat, originating in the forests of Russia, appeared in the history there is more than 1.000 years. He lived during approximately 200 years in a natural state, in the great colds of Siberia. He experienced an entirely natural development, without the intervention of the human one.

The Siberian cat one of the three longhairs was represented with the first exposure of cat held in England in 1871 in Cristal De luxe hotel.
To visualize the drawing repésentant some specimens of the 160 partcipants, click HERE
The first exposure of cat in the town of Leningrad (now Holy Petersbourg), Russia took place in 1987. They are two clubs, “Kotofei” and “KIS” which organized it.
The first official pedigree of the race was established in Russia by Kotefei in 1987.
It is the real date of the beginning of the multiplication of Siberian in the streets of Petersbourg Saint. The Soviet association felinotechnic recorded the Siberian race. It included the traditional colors as well as the color colorpoint (Neva Masquerade).

The first Siberian cats come to Europe and more particularly to Germany are:
MUSA, she-cat red tabby and white and TIMA the male in photo Ci below.

They were bought by the chattery Newskij (Hans and Betti Schulz) and started from St Pétersbourg to arrive at Berlin in 1987.

In the United States it is E. Terrell which brings in its chattery “Starpoint”, the first cats Sibériens, they arrived the 28/06/1990.

Kaliostro Vasenjkovich (brown blotched tabby and male white, born 24/04/1990)

Copyright @ Dvorovoi cattery
Dvorovoi Cattery's

Naina Romanova (female brown mackerel tabby, born 24/04/1990) and Ofelia Romanova (female brown mackerel tabby and white) were received from St-Pétersbourg.
Terrell created a club of race named Taiga (pronouncer Tie-GAH, for “Taiga: forests of Siberia”)

The first Siberian one arrived to Italy was Newskij' S Quendolina Romanova (male, brown blotched tabby and white). It arrived from Germany in the Nineties. it came from the chattery from Hans and Betty Shultz

In France in the Nineties, the first Sibérien cat was:
LEN SHIN Lhutshtij, black male coming from OMSK. It was born the 19/03/1995 and belongs to G.Gringet and M.Vitrant (chattery Kolyana).

In January of 1997, first Siberian Neva masquerade (colorpoint) were imported in the United States by Dana Osburn (Cattery Willowbrook's)
Ustin El Magrib (male, seal lynx not)

and Roksana Babyan off Willowbrook (female, seal tortie not)

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The first Siberian cat Neva Masquerade with being come to France east:
IZ Ermitage Faina, a female seal smoke not (first she-cat in the world in this color!) born 19/03/2000.

It belongs to C.Gautier and T.Dolata Cattery d'Artannes).

Recognition of the Siberian

The F.I.F.E 'International federation Cat-like) recognizes the race in 1997

The T.I.C.A (International The Cat Association) recognizes the race in 1998.

The C.F.A (International The Cat Association) recognizes the race on February 6, 2000.

The Siberian still rare remainder apart from the United States, and of the Eastern European countries.